Add/manage pilots via Laptiming
Import pilots via an Excel sheet
Change pilot division on the fly


Add/manage divisions via Laptiming
Import divisions via Excel


Add/manage racegroups via Laptiming
Automatically determine racegroups based on who raced in the heats
Allow changes/mixes of racegroups: should 2 divisions be combined on day 1, they can be split up on day 2. Racegroups don't have to be fixed


Automatically determine heats (start/finish) based on the decoder information
Automatically detect DNS and DNF
Automatically determine which racegroups raced in which heats
Showing detailed heat results, per pilot
Printer-friendly version of the heat results
"Live view" of ongoing race (experimental)

Point results

Automatically calculate the results for a division, based on the heats, taking into account DNF/DNP and DNS
Automatically subtract the discards
Automatically handle the tie-breakers
Manual ability to get results combining divisions (eg: "show all performance" or "HPERF was split into 2 subdivisions, but requires a single ranking")
Manual ability to overrule results: mark any heat result for a pilot as being DSQ/OCS/RDS/... manually. Subsequent points (penalty score or average) will be calculated automatically.
Printer-friendly version of the point results


Manually set event info (name, date, ...) as it will be shown on prints
Change the number of discards (change the way it is calculated, or choose a fixed number)
Change the finishing strategy (after 10min signal, or after winner)
Change the scoring strategy (0 points for first?)
Change the DNF strategy (should DNF count as a penalty?)
Choose what pilot information you want printed (country, club, sail No, ...)