How does it work?

Laptiming.EU will process all the passings over the transponder-line and calculate the times / points instantly.
Have a look on the main website for the most important elements, or see all features.

What do I need?

In order to run your timing fully automated, you need three things:
  1. Laptiming.EU software
  2. Timing hardware (decoder, starting line, tranponders) + laptop (running Windows 7 or later, Vista would probably work but I wouldn't recommend it) + middleware software (software provided by decoder manufacturer)
  3. Starting pole linked to decoder (what is this?)
Once you have started a heat, Laptiming.EU will give you live standings. When the heats are finished, Laptiming.EU will offer you point scores as well.

How are OCSes handled?

When you use the transponder-line as start line, Laptiming.EU will automatically filter out the pilots that started early (OCS). Once the pilot comes back around, his race will start as usually.
The OCS time is also displayed (for reference should there be discussing afterwards)

If you want to start heats without the starting line, you can do so as well. This does require manual input in Laptiming.EU should someone be OCS and not come back around

How are discards handled?

After a couple of heats in an event, you may want to drop the worst ones.
Laptiming.EU drops a certain number for you. You can simply configure how many you want these to be: Should you wish to have more / less discards in mind, you can also specify the exact number you want used for the event.

Can I disqualify or redress someone?

Yes you can!
For any point score (typically the position of a pilot after a heat), you can choose to overrule it.
You will have to provide: An important remark about the new score: you CAN NOT specify what the new score should be (eg: pilot X should be 5th in this race), you can however specify how that new score should be calculated (either: nbr of pilots + 1 or average of pilots previous races)

How do I set-up/program a heat that is about to start?

You don't!
Simply press the start button on the starting pole and Laptiming.EU will register the start
Based on the pilots that have passed the transponder line, it will be determined for which racers this heat was meant.

Do I really need to take the laptop on the beach to get the program working?

No, you don't!
Because of the integration of the starting pole and the decoder, you could leave the laptop in the car and hook it up with the decoder later on.
Laptiming.EU will be able to import a whole day of racing at once.
If you want to see immediate times or print intermediate results, you will obviously have to hook up the laptop, but it is not strictly required.

Can I have multiple divisions race together?

Yes, of course!
If you have a small fleet of Light Performance and Superheavy Performance, you can choose to have them race together.
Their lap times will be displayed together, but the scoring afterwards can be done seperately.
Should the wind seriously pick up - requiring smaller fleets - , you can even choose to split them back up again.

The opposite is also possible: if you have 40 pilots racing in Heavy Performance, you may want to split them up into HPERF1 and HPERF2.
They can race seperate heats - resulting in seperate lap times -, but you can easily combine their point scores afterwards, giving you a single result for Heavy Performance.

What is a starting pole?

The starting pole is the device that will manage the start of your race.
After starting the pole, it will handle the 2-minute countdown prestart, with clear audiovisual signals to the pilots and spectators.
Since the pole is connected to the decoder, the decoder will also be aware when the start was given.
This means that no further interaction with the laptop or decoder is needed to run races! The race officer can start a race at any moment at the push of a button, literally!

I don't have a starting pole...

You should try building one or buy one!
An excellent pre-built starting pole will cost around € 1500.
Laptiming.EU doesn't built or sell the starting pole, but does rely on it for having the best and most easy-to-use experience of the software.
Feel free to contact us ([email protected]) so we can get you in touch with a supplier.

I don't WANT a starting pole!

If you are conviced that you don't need a starting pole, or don't want to make the investment at this point, you can contact us ([email protected]) and we'll work something out to get you started without the starting pole.