Laptiming.EU takes managing and timing your event to the next level.

Setup Laptiming.EU for your next event and you can safely forget about all the hassle you were used to when running a timed event.
You will have plenty of time to focus on all other aspects of managing an event, knowing that the results will be readiliy available when you need them!

How it works...

Laptiming.EU was developed with one primary goal: delivering results accurately while requiring the least possible effort from the organizer.
Simply hook up your transponder-system with Laptiming.EU, enter the participants and you are ready to go.
No hastle with configuring which groups race together, when your races start, which races to discard, how to handle tie-breakers, ... : it's all done for you!

transponder line

Integrates with most transponder systems

Laptiming.EU has proven to work with the MyLaps / AMB transponder system.
Using a different system? Don't worry, we can probably integrate with yours as well!

Instant results

Heat results and point scores are always available, even for races that are ongoing.
Laptiming.EUs build-in printing funtionality helps you get intermediate results out in a jiffy.

Highly automated
yet freely customizable

Laptiming.EU will automatically detect starts and finishes, determine which divisions are racing, score DNSes and DNFs, calculate discards and ties, ...
If you do however disagree with its decisions, you can easily overrule any actions it made.

Have a look

Time results

The classic time-page for a race: showing intermediate times and positions, final position overall, final position in the division, and highlighting the fastest lap.

Point results

The classic results-page for a championship: showing each heats position with a remark should it apply

Licensing costs

Laptiming.EU works with a fixed yearly license fee of €250 for non commercial use (only use within your non-profit club, not allowed to rent it out)
For commercial use, we will be able to work out custom fee.
Please feel free to take contact if you have any more questions or would like to purchase the software.